Court rules in favour of Duchess

Five friends’ names remain private

Court rules that the Duchess of Sussex can protect the confidentiality of her five friends’ names in her case against Associated Newspapers for misuse of private information and breach of copyright and data protection.

Yesterday, Mr Justice Warby handed down judgment following an application made by the Claimant pursuant to CPR 18.2 and CPR 5.4C to prevent the publication of the names of five of her friends contained in a confidential Schedule attached to a response to a request for further information.

The Court held that “At this stage, continued anonymity not only upholds the agreement made between People magazine and the five friends, and the reasonable expectations which that generated; it also supports the proper administration of justice by shielding the friends from the “glare of publicity” in the pre-trial stage. Generally, it does not help the interests of justice if those involved in litigation are subjected to, or surrounded by, a frenzy of publicity.”

5RB’s Justin Rushbrooke QC and Jane Phillips appeared on behalf of the Claimant instructed by Schillings.

5RB’s Alexandra Marzec appeared on behalf of Associated Newspapers.

5RB’s David Sherborne has been acting for the Duchess since the start of her proceedings.