Ghenavat and others v Simon Lyons: Defendant ordered to pay £191,000 on account of costs

HHJ Lewis makes Order for costs and other matters following judgment for the Claimants in a harassment action

On 19 October 2023 His Honour Judge Lewis, sitting as a Judge of the High Court, made an Order for costs and other consequential matters in the case of Ghenavat and others v Simon Lyons.  The three Claimants had had judgment in their favour in their claim for harassment of them by the Defendant, Simon Lyons.  The case arose from a fractured business relationship.  The harassment of the Claimants was extensive and sustained.  A 5RB report on the judgment can be found here.

In his Order for costs HHJ Lewis awarded the Claimants their costs, to be assessed if not agreed, and ordered a payment on account of £191,000.  The Claimants had sought only injunctive relief, not damages.

The Judge also ordered variation to the permanent injunction granted following trial, to allow the Defendant to prepare for and pursue a claim he had issued in the Chancery Division against the First and Second Claimants.

5RB’s John Stables acted for the Claimants, instructed by Goodwin Procter (UK) LLP.