Stoute v News Group Newspapers Ltd

An appeal by Mr and Mrs Stoute against News Group Newspapers Ltd will be heard in the Court of Appeal today.

Mr and Mrs Stoute obtained an urgent interim injunction restraining The Sun from publishing two photographs. However, Heather Williams J refused to restrain publication of two further photographs of the Claimants arriving at a restaurant on a public beach. At the return date, Johnson J reached the same conclusion as Heather Williams J. See our 5RB case report here.

Mr and Mrs Stoute appealed against Johnson J’s judgment. The appeal will be heard today by Lord Justice Peter Jackson, Lord Justice Males and Lord Justice Arnold.

William Bennett KC and Victoria Jolliffe appear for the Appellants, instructed by Simon Burn Solicitors. Adam Wolanski KC and Hope Williams appear for the Respondent, instructed by Wiggin.