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November 2, 2015
Crime and Courts Act: damages provisions in force

But costs provisions are not yet commenced

Category: News

Tags: Costs, damages, press regulation

December 4, 2014
Times costs appeal in Flood rejected

Court of Appeal ruling concludes Flood v Times litigation

Categories: Defamation, News

Tags: Costs, Defamation

November 28, 2013
Court of Appeal dismisses costs appeal in Mitchell “Plebgate” libel case

Costs consequences of missing costs budgeting deadline

Category: News

Tags: case management, Costs, Court of Appeal, CPR, Defamation, Libel

October 24, 2013
Costs in defamation and privacy proceedings

MoJ consultation open until 8 November 2013

Categories: Defamation, News

Tags: CFAs, Costs, CPR, Defamation, Libel Reform, Ministry of Justice, privacy

August 27, 2013
Lance Armstrong settles Sunday Times case over defamation damages

Confidential settlement ends High Court battle to reclaim damages and costs

Category: News

Tags: Costs, Cycling, Defamation

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