Areas of work

Reporting the Courts

There is a difficult balance to strike between privacy in the context of court proceedings and the principle of open justice. 5RB barristers have long been known for their expertise in applying for or resisting reporting restrictions.

This work has often been undertaken on behalf of the media in the criminal and family courts, but has also been on behalf of defendants and other individuals seeking to preserve anonymity or privacy when caught up in proceedings, and for local authorities.

5RB barristers can be instructed in relation to either obtaining or resisting all types of reporting restrictions in all courts and tribunals, including:

  • In the High Court
  • In Family proceedings, including in ancillary relief hearings
  • In the Court of Protection
  • In the Crown Court
  • In the Employment Tribunal
  • Before Judicial Inquiries and Tribunals
  • Where individuals have been arrested for and/or charged with offences
  • On applications for injunctions to remove material on the internet which may be in contempt of court
  • On applications for journalists’ source materials

5RB barristers have been involved in the drafting of guidance setting out the current state of the law in relation to reporting Family Proceedings (The Family Courts: Media Access and Reporting).

They have also been involved in reporting restrictions and open justice cases which have been central to the development of the law in this area, including:



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