Fiddes v Channel 4 libel claim settles

Claimant discontinues claim over 'Jacksons Are Coming' documentary as trial about to commence

Matt Fiddes has discontinued the libel claim he brought against Channel 4, the parties announced today.

The Claimant had brought an action over a Cutting Edge programme entitled “The Jacksons are Coming” broadcast in November 2008 by Channel 4, produced by Studio Lambert and directed by Jane Preston, all three of whom were sued.  The documentary film concerned the famous Jackson family’s trip to the UK in 2008, when they were looking to purchase a home in Devon.

In a Statement read in Open Court today, Mr Fiddes acknowledged that the programme was not “faked” as he had previously claimed, and withdrew his allegations of malice against Studio Lambert and Ms Preston.  The Defendants, meanwhile, stated that they accepted Mr Fiddes’ denial (included in the documentary) that he had provided stories to the press for money.

5RB‘s Adrienne Page QC, Matthew Nicklin and Yuli Takatsuki (instructed by Aslan Charles Kousetta) acted for the Defendants (Channel 4, Studio Lambert and Jane Preston), while David Sherborne (instructed by M Law) was junior counsel for the Claimant.