Paul McKenna wins ‘bogus’ PhD case

Daily Mirror's justification defence in libel trial fails

Well-known hypnotherapist Paul McKenna has won his libel claim against Mirror Group Newspapers over an article written by Victor Lewis-Smith which alleged that he had fraudulently boasted of having a PhD which he knew to be bogus, having obtained it merely in return for money.


Eady J held that “Mr McKenna was not in my judgment dishonest and, for that matter, whatever one may think of the academic quality of his work, or of the degree granted by La Salle, it would not be accurate to describe it as ‘bogus’.”


Damages are to be assessed at a further hearing, if not agreed, after Mr Lewis-Smith, who was not present at the hearing for family reasons, has been given a chance to deal with allegations made against him.


5RB‘s Desmond Browne QC represented the Claimant.


Click here for the 5RB case report and full judgment.