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The Law of Privacy and the Media

By Anna Coppola, Desmond Browne QC, James Price QC, Justin Rushbrooke QC, Alexandra Marzec, David Sherborne, Jonathan Barnes, Godwin Busuttil, Adam Wolanski QC, William Bennett QC, Christina Michalos QC, Jacob Dean & Adam Speker

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date of Publication: 17 Oct 2002

This book, edited by Sir Michael Tugendhat and Iain Christie, is a specialist legal practitioners’ guide to the law on privacy and the media. It considers the rules applicable to disclosure of personal information by journalists and broadcasters, the remedies available to individuals whose privacy has been unjustifiably infringed and the principles on which such protection is based. The Law of Privacy and the Media is essential reading for all those who act for or against the media, as well as those with a general interest in the subject. Contents Part I: Sources, Principles, and Rights 1 Context and Background 2 Principles and Sources 3 Privacy Rights Part II: Personal Information 4 Publication of Personal Information 5 Data Protection and the Media Part III: Causes of Action 6 Privacy and Confidentiality 7 Privacy and Defamation 8 Privacy, Copyright, and Moral Rights Part IV: Defences 9 Justifications and Defences Part V: Remedies 10 Remedies Part VI: Issues of Special Interest to the Media 11 Freedom of Information and Newsgathering 12 Privacy and the Administration of Justice 13 The Privacy Codes 14 Protection of Journalistic Material Appendices: relevant extracts from key media and human rights legislation Reviews ‘… an impressive, well-informed book … ‘ – Entertainment Law Review ‘The nearly 800 pages of the book cover surely everything readers ever wanted to know about privacy.’ – Media Lawyer ‘This book has all the hallmarks of becoming a standard work of reference on the subject. The publishers are to be congratulated in producing an excellent survey and analysis of the law that will prove to be immensely useful to lawyers, broadcasters, editors and journalists alike.’ – Entertainment Law Review The Second Cumulative Updating Supplement to the book was published in January 2006. Price: £195.00 (Hardback + Supplement) ISBN: 0-19-928344-3